Our next meeting will be a panel discussion on women in information technology. This panel will discuss the reducing percentage of women in developer positions despite the growing need for developers. Why is growth of women training for these roles slower than that of men? What resources exist to trainn and encourage women to fill these high demand positions? Companies value diversity in their development teams. How are companies handling the shortage of developers and is that shortage itself in some way impacting women's ability to make traction in filling the gap? Women can fill the gap between the supply and demand for software developers. Please click here for additional information.


Welcome to the St. Louis Chapter of the Association of Information Technology Professionals.

We are a professional organization serving the IT community of the greater St. Louis Area.

Our chapter meets monthly (except for June and July) at the Clayton Plaza hotel in Clayton. Each meeting covers a topic of interest to information technology professionals. We have a social hour followed by dinner then our speaker.

We are active in the AITP Region 4, Region 5 and national levels. Our chapter also works extensively with the AITP National Collegiate Conference-- the premier event for IT/IS college & university students all over the country. This year it will be held in Chicago. Next year, we are hosting it here in St. Louis.

While our meetings are open to any IT professional, there is a reduced price for members. We are active on Facebook and Twitter. Both of those social media venues are available to anyone interested in participated. Our LinkedIn page is open to members only. There are many other member benefits. For more information please visit: http://www.aitp.org.

We encourage you to join AITP and select the St. Louis chapter from the dropdown menu when you register.